The traditional ceremony within a wedding is the use of a unity candle, however many couples are opting for a more modern ceremony. I can accommodate the following ceremonies :: 

UNITY CANDLE :: This requires three candles, normally two thin candles and a large, round one. The two ones are pre-lit and the couple each takes hold of their own candle and light the large one together, signifying the lighting of their life together.

SAND CEREMONY :: An upcoming favorite. This requires three vases (of which can be bought online if you want something engraved or specially made), normally two smaller ones and a large one. The two smaller ones are filled with two different colors of sand. The oldest of the couple pours a bit of sand in the bottom of the large vase representing his/her birth and life before marriage. Then the second pours their section. Then they both pour their sand in together signifying the impossibility of division. 

ROSE CEREMONY :: This requires two roses, most often red in color, but they can be any color you like. They are exchanged during the ceremony as the first gift given to each other.

WATER CEREMONY :: This requires a single glass of water for both to drink from.

WINE CEREMONY :: This requires a single glass of wine for both to drink from.

HAND CEREMONY :: This is a beautiful ceremony that requires only your hands. 

PARENTAL HONORING :: This can be included in the ceremony at some point to honor parents, especially those who are no longer with us.

CHILD HONORING :: A marriage is not just an acceptance of a bride and a groom, it is an acceptance of them as a whole. That includes children of a previous relationship. If you want your child to be a part of your wedding, either in mention or involvement, that can easily be arranged.